Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Lead generation is taken to a new level. Poken enables leads to be qualified and analysed in real time, making pre-defined triggers possible. Poken’s Exhibition tools are perfect for use in professional trade shows, delivering an enhanced experience to visitors, and a new level of engagement & lead qualification for exhibitors and sponsors.

 How it works: rolling it out to exhibitors

Trade show exhibitors load their marketing documents or any other relevant content, into ‘Touchpoints’. Poken’s « Real-Time Touchpoint » and « Super Touchpoint » sensors are completely autonomous, and easily placed by the show organiser or by exhibitors themselves, anywhere in their booth or elsewhere around the venue.

Every time a visitor collects this information, they leave a digital business card. The exhibitor has the details of everyone who has dropped by there booth and collected their information, as well as a myriad useful analytics.

Benefits for exhibitors

  • Distribute your company information easily and widely …
    Visitors can easily get your company and product information just by touching the reader with their badge. They will receive this information by email. Even visitors you didn’t speak to my have collected some information on your stand.
  • Reduce costs and waste
    If you provide some of your company and product information in digital format, you’ll need fewer hardcopy brochures, catalogues and other materials, saving you some printing and transport costs. Plus, visitors don’t have to carry heavy documents around the event, so there’s less risk they’ll “lose” it.
  • Provide an engaging experience to your visitors
    Visitors who touch your reader with their badge at your stand get your information in a digital format, which makes it easy for them to share with colleagues and friends via email or social media.
  • More contacts and opportunities
    you can scan visitor badges with the Visit Connect App, but also suggest that they touch the reader with their badge to collect your digital marketing documents and company information.
    And you’ll get a listing of all the visitors who do so!
  • Simplify the post-event follow-up
    You’ll get an electronic listing of everyone who collected your info. No more time-consuming import of business cars or contact forms.


To Learn More: Download our Trade Show Brochure (PDF)

Distribute & Collect – How to use the badge reader?

Poken works with international trade show leader Artexis Easy Fairs in 100+ fairs per year, to equip all exhibitors and visitors with a suit of digital tools. Exhibitors not only share their company information via the Poken badge reader, but also collect the details of everyone who stops by their booths.

For participants and delegates

Visitors are equipped with a smart badges or Poken interactive USB devices can collect any content that is relevant to them, by simply placing their badge onto the readers. No more heavy trade show bags to carry around. It is that simple.

Touch & Collect – How to use the smart badge?

Committed to providing the most most beneficial experience for attendees, Artexis Easy Fairs equips all of their trade show and exhibition visitors with Poken smart badges, which enable them to collect digital content in real time.

Monitoring: organiser dashboard

The show organisers’ dashboard offers a complete, detailed view of all the digital handshakes and content exchanges that happen in their show. Poken’s solution not only provides an enhanced digital show experience to all participants, but also allows events to « go green », reducing the paper waste of left-over or discarded flyers, catalogs, brochures and other paper marketing documents. Every « digital handshake » is measured, qualified, and used for future retargeting and to improve the post-event relationships built between exhibitors and visitors.

Your event is unique. So is our solution.

Poken’s 360° event platform contains everything you need to drive engagement, streamline management, and make your event a success. Make your event a success today.