About NFC 

What is NFC?
NFC (near field communication) is a short-range wireless technology that enable two devices to exchange securely small amounts of data when they're placed a few centimeters apart. The exchange happens when you simply approach two NFC devices together, close enough to touch.

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Applications of NFC
NFC has many different uses. It can be used, for example, to transfer files between devices with a touch, to collect multimedia information from kiosks, for electronic money integration with prepaid cards and for electronic public transport ticketing.


How Poken uses NFC?
Poken's NFC devices, along with our mobile app and pokenTAGS, enables an exciting and engaging use of the technology.

Our unique products and platform create an interactive experience for users, and offer a complete content management platform for businesses to deploy, manage and measure the spread of rich media information offline.

User experience
• Different to QR codes that simply launch a website URL on the mobile phone (which you have to manually browse, bookmark and save), pokenTAGS provides a simpler and yet more complete platform, that enriches user experience by instantly saving, organizing and displaying the digital object collected on the phone screen. Those who don't have an NFC-enabled phone can use a poken device to collect the information from pokenTAGS, and later explore it at the pokenHUB.

• Everything you gather using your phone or poken goes in a timeline linked to an online account at the pokenHUB. That's where you can visualize the people, places and things you've collected and act on any follow-up: emailing or calling someone you met, connecting with them on LinkedIn, reading a document you collected from a smart poster or subscribing to a contest you entered by touching a promotional tag.

Deploying NFC
• Poken's merchant and partner tools enable you to assign any multimedia content to poeknTAGS, allowing people to collect them with a touch using their poken or mobile phones. All the tools are web-based and easy-to-use, making possible the implementation of touch-based marketing solutions with basic technical knowledge and simple infrastructure.

• Using Swiss watch-industry microelectronic knowledge, we’ve developed a micro-chip that goes beyond what anyone else has done so far, creating an unique NFC ecosystem that can be easily deployed anywhere.

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