Collect people and things with a touch

Strategic Partners

Poken has built strategic partnerships in different vertical markets, helping businesses grow through the integration of our NFC-based touch technologies.



Standard Register Healthcare is Poken's exclusive partner in the Healthcare space, catering to medical events and tradeshows (such as Amerinet), and providing community building and marketing solutions for maternity wards and other healthcare related customers.

In the US, contact Standard Register Healthcare to learn about how Poken’s touch technologies are streamlining processes and creating better engagement. In the rest of the world, contact us directly.


Mobile phone Network Operators (carriers) and Mobile Phone Manufacturers

Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading mobile network operator, contracted Poken to develop a white-labeled small business platform that allows merchants to easily configure touchpoints to measure engagement and marketing effectiveness.

Out-of-box experience and POS: Benefit from Poken’s extensive knowledge about user engagement through touch and games, create remarkable customer experiences, and turn their friends into qualified leads.

Developer events: Create an engaging, interactive experience with NFC and QR Codes, delivering useful information, driving behavior, and opening possibilities for software development.

Find out more about our work with Nokia and Swisscom here. Contact us to know more about how to integrate our platform into your small business or merchant offering.


Marketing and Interactive Agencies
Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Momentum

Working with Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Momentum, and others prominent marketing and interactive agencies, Poken have helped brands move closer to their customers with the use of touch. Our software tools for brand community engagement can be white-labeled and integrated into existing web platforms.

Our work with Intel and others helped us win the Best Innovation in Mobile Advertising Award at the Mobile World Congress 2012. Additionally, we have helped Nokia deliver engaging campaigns worldwide, and we have worked with leading brands such as Mini, the Olympic Committee, Angel & Devil Jeans.


NFC Industry / Electronics

Poken has been working with some of the most respected lead management technology providers - such as NXP (press release), Electronic Marin, CSEM - in an effort to develop or co-develop leading-edge products for tracking, measuring, and controlling processes in industries such as events, medical, pharmaceutical and logistics.

For more information, contact us or attend an industry training event about the NFC ecosystem, and find out how Poken has contributed to making touch-based technologies appealing to consumers and businesses.

Interested in learning more about NFC? Attend the NFC Bootcamp training course.

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