make friends, stay in touch, earn rewards

i noticed my point tally. what's that about?

we here at Poken (big "P," official company and whatnot), get paid to work here. hard to believe, but true. it's fun, but it's not easy.

you, on the other hand, are out there, pokening away. because you like to. and some of you really like to. why shouldn't you get rewarded? the sarcastic answer would be, well who cares what it would be? we like the citizens of the pokenverse. and the more you poken, the more you interact, the more green glows we see, the happier we get.

we're working on a system that might put a little pep in your step with a free poken, an invite to a local event or maybe even a poken named after you (they have names!). who knows what madness we'll create? we're not even sure yet, but we're working on it.

and don't worry, we'll put it up as soon as we know, we won't make you wait for the sweet smell of the proverbial pie cooling on the windowsill (old-timey, like in the cartoons). we'll announce it and you won't be able to miss it.



poken fan

something pretty cool.



poken fanatic

something cooler than for 100 points, definitely.


poken maniac

uhh, something even cooler than what a fanatic gets?




poken master

we gotta make this pretty big, huh?  perhaps you'll get simone (she's in one of the pictures somewhere around here).  she's smart, funny, speaks four languages and is quite fun to be around.  give us a tick to see if she's ok with this.

and yes, a duovigintillion is a real measure (we looked it up.  it's ten to the 69th power).  and maybe it will only be a gajillion, not duovigintillion.  stay tuned.