Distribute digital content in the real world.

pokenTAG is a cutting-edge smart tag that enables the distribution of digital content offline.

Make videos, pictures, presentations, brochures, coupons, and virtually any type of digital data available for collection.  You don't need to rely on wireless internet connections, mobile networks or complicated infrastructure to make your digital content available to anyone, who touches the tag with a poken or with an NFC phone.

Click the image to see how to collect using a poken

Click the image to see how to collect using a mobile phone

Edited using Poken's partner tools, a pokenTAG allows you to measure the spread of the content your distribute offline, get unprecedented insight into people's interests, and generate high quality leads.

Eliminate paper and save money
Distribute information digitally and reduce the cost and environmental impact of paper-based literature at your events. One pokenTAG substitutes thousands of leaflets, automatically eliminating most production costs from your budget.

Add interactivity and fun to your events
Use pokenTAGS to create interactive competitions, and motivate participants to take specific actions in alignment with your event objectives.

Distribute a variety of multimedia content offline
One pokenTAG can be linked to multiple files, enabling you to promote your products using demos, videos, images, presentations, or whichever other combination of content you believe will have an impact with your target customers. 

Keep your customers updated
Keep people informed of the latest information about your products. Use Poken's campaign management tools to push updated versions of the files people already collected.

Generate high quality leads.
Measure participants’ interest about specific topics or products, and receive the contact details of everyone who collect information about them. 


  • Tags can store any type of digital information, of any size: The content is hosted securely in the cloud
  • One tag stores thousands of contacts, so you keep track of who collected your content
  • Each tag can be linked to multiple digital files. See what that looks like by trying out the QR codes on this page
  • Make photos, brochures and videos available for collection even when there is no network connectivity
  • Drive visitor behavior by adding some gaming features to collecting your media