pokenPULSE: a professional tool with minimalist design.

Connect with people and collect digital objects.

PokenPULSE is an USB device with NFC technology built-in that enable you to collect and exchange digital information in the real world with a simple touch.

If you prefer a minimalist and functional design, pokenPULSE is the right Poken for you. It has the exact same features of the pokenSPARK, packed in an sleek black and white body.

You can also use your pokenPULSE to collect digital information about places and things that interest you by simply touching it to a pokenTAG, an electronic sticker that stores digital documents and multimedia files.

You can opt to get a pokenPULSE with up to 32GB memory and make it your networking tool to easily connect to other people and also your compact digital briefcase, where you can transport other documents and files.

How it works?

It's really simple to activate your pokenPULSE. Just twist the black part and pull out the plastic tab. You’ll see a flashing red light, which means your Poken is now activated and ready to collect the people, places and things you like.

When you touch your pokenPULSE to another Poken or to a pokenTAG, it glows. That means you've just collected a digital objects or exchanged your contact details and social networking information with another person.

Poken all the people you like and all the objects you want to collect. Later, all you need to do is:

  1. Connect your Poken to a USB port in your computer.
  2. Go to poken.com and quickly login or create an account at the pokenHUB.
  3. Sync your Poken and decide the information you want to share with your contacts. No drivers or softwares to install.

Key Features

  • Ice-breaker social networking tool
  • Exchange contact details with a touch
  • Collect rich information from tags
  • Poken using an NFC-enabled mobile phone
  • Fits on a keychain or on a lanyard
  • Up to 32 GB storage capability
  • Customizable for events

Customization options.

For your corporate events, you can personalize the pokenPULSE with your logo. Find out how.


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  • Stores up to 400 contacts
  • 2 years of battery life
  • Up to 2 GB storage capability
  • A green light glows to indicate when you've collected something
  • Customizable for your events


There is a whole new world to be rediscovered with Poken. Get yours here.

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