Collect people and things with a touch

More leads and better ROI for your events.

Poken is the leading touch-marketing platform for implementing integrated online and offline campaigns.

We provide tools and technology for tradeshow managers, exhibitors and event organizers to create interactive and exciting events, while measuring the return on investment of their lead generation activities.

Our powerful set of products and software are revolutionizing the event industry with its innovative and simple solutions to generate high quality leads, get unprecedented insight into people's interests, and boost networking between participants.

Benefits for event attendees include:

  • Poken devices serve as ice-breakers and conversation starters.
  • People can share their contact details and social network profiles by simply touching pokens.
  • No need to post-process stacks of business cards, as information is digitally exchanged.
  • Attendees can use their poken to collect from pokenTAGS only the content that interests them.
  • Avoid carrying heavy bags full of marketing materials.
  • Dynamic and fun event experience.
  • Access to an online interface for viewing, managing and sharing the information collected.

Organizing a tradeshow?

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Exhibiting at a tradeshow?

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Organizing an event for your company?

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