Revolutionize participants' experience at events.

Regardless if you are organizing an external or internal event, your intention is to create an exciting and worthwhile experience for your attendees.

Create a dynamic networking environment that facilitates connections and increases interactivity using Poken's touch-marketing platform at:

Internal Events

Boost networking between participants
Create a dynamic networking environment enabling participants to digitally exchange their contact details simply touching pokens.

Create an exciting and dynamic event
Enable attendees to collect rich media files offline. Use Poken's Game Pack to encourage specific actions, and create an interactive competition that rewards the most active participants.

Keep participants connected after the event
Create an online community around the event, enabling participants to connect with their new contacts, and explore the information collected on a custom branded online interface created for your event.

Some of our customers who used Poken at internal events:


External Events

Generate leads based on people's real interests
Measure participants' interest about specific topics or products, and receive the contact details of everyone who collected information from each pokenTAG.

Get more brand exposure
Create a custom branded online interface and give attendees permanent access to the information they collected at the event.

Add interactivity and fun to the event
Use Poken's Game Pack to create interactive competition, and motivate participants to take specific actions in alignment with your event objectives.

Some of our customers who used Poken at external events:



Recruiting Fairs

Have the best candidates spend time in your booth
Use Poken as a tool to attract candidates into your booth and spend quality time with you.

Facilitated the pre-screening of candidates
Automatically create a database with a list of contacts organized by job and interested applicants.

Gain competitive advantage over other companies
Poken's platform allows for quick follow-up and follow-through after the event by gathering all candidates information in one place.

Some of our customers who used Poken at internal events:


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