Event Attendee Experience 


Using a poken device

Here is a simple visual walk-through of the experience an event participant has, during or after the show, when she logs into the event portal.


  • She plugs her poken into a computer USB port


  • She logs into the event portal using the credentials sent to her by email

The event portal may be at www.poken.com or at another web address provided to her by the event organizer


  • She can see all the people and things she's collected, in a colorful and dynamic portal


  • Documents can be downloaded, and business cards can be synchronized to Outlook, SalesForce, etc.


Post-event email

The participant receives an email that contains all the people and things she collected

She is also notified of any updates to the documents since she collected them

 The event web portal and emails can be branded by the organizer


Using Mobile

The event attendee can benefit from services provided through a branded, browser-based mobile app.

The mobile app can be used either to collect information from tags and people, or as a full-fledged event briefcase, providing valuable event information. Click here to learn more.


Where do I go from here?


Welcome visitors to your booth and capture their identity

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Guide them through a journey of your products and services

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An email is sent, with the people & documents they collected

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