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As a show organizer, your main goal is to assist exhibitors in promoting their brands, establishing relationships with potential customers and, foremost, generating qualified sales leads.

Whether you are organizing a corporate event or a trade show, Poken has what it takes to help you  draw participants together, provide killer networking, unparalleled lead generation, and deploy a GREEN event

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Here is an overview of what Poken provides



Poken is a full-featured mobile and web platform, designed to help take your events to the next level of professionalism and technology leadership. Here are a few of services supported by our web-based tool chest, ready to deploy at any of your events in a matter of hours:

Organizer Tools
  • Digital document deployment & collecting
  • Branded mobile event app
  • Branded portal & emails
  • Lead generation package
  • Registration tools
  • Analytics
Exhibitor Tools
  • Lead Gen
  • Green deployment
  • Notes & Survey
  • Branded visibility & email
  • Metrics

Visitors Tools
  • Collecting people & things on mobile
  • Collecting using Pokens
  • Event mobile app
  • Event portal




As an event organizer, equipping visitors to collect information digitally, "with a touch", allows you to track who collected what, where and when. Capture visitors' interests and purchase intent, and provide a valuable new service to Exhibitors at your show.

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 Our Trade-Show lead generation pack for Exhibitors

 Our Organizer Tools to coordinate lead-generation activities

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Poken is a proven and effective way to boost networking at any event, as participants engage in digital contact exchange, with a touch of fun. Poken is proven to increase attendee satisfaction by several percentage points.

 Poken is a robust digital business card with bridge to attendee’s social networks

 It captures time & date stamp of meeting, and can syn with smartphones using he Poken app

 Attendees share the way they communicate socially, enhacing statisfaction

 Lead generation is enhanced, capturing stastistics on business cards exchanged between attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, etc.



Using tags at the entrance of conference rooms, you can get instant metrics on attendance.

Be more creative and offer attendees the presenter slide decks through a well-placed poken tag

Use multiple tags to register voting preferences, or measure the success of your speakers.

Click here to see how Swisscom and Nokia used voting and big-screen displays at their global events



Every event that uses Poken comes along with a brandable event portal, where participants can view the people & things they've collected

Many additional features are available, such as:

 Pre-loading files (pdf, doc - any file type) so that participants are better prepared or obtain sponsor & exhibitor information

 Pre-loading people into the user's account: Sales staff, press relations reps, speakers, etc.

 Download the complete branded portal catalog to see additional features

A branded event app for mobile phones is also included in our proposition. Click here to learn more about it.



Offering your sponsors the right opportunity for visibility is critical to your show's succes. Click on the links below to experience the different branding opportunities.  Poken is also uniquely able to drive participants to specific areas and encourage certain behaviors (such as spending more time on your sponsors' booths), through our game mechanics.



Post-event, view analytics on all the activity that happened at your booth

 Registered visitors

 Walk-in visitors

 Sales staff activity

 Rating of your hosted content




Stay tuned for more exciting exhibitor features coming soon. Write to us to tell us what you think is missing: Contact form




Enable high quality lead generation
Allow exhibitors to get the contact details of all visitors who collect information from each product at their booth.

Give exhibitors more brand exposure
Create a custom branded online interface and give attendees permanent access to the information they collected at the event.

Replace complex barcode-based infrastructure
Create an engaging and innovative experience for vendors and visitors to interact and exchange information.

Create a paperless event
Dramatically reduce the cost and environmental impact of paper-based literature. Enhance participants experience by eliminating the need to carry heavy bags full of brochures.

Reveal which booths are the most visited
Deliver quantitative information about which exhibitors received the most attention, and how many leads they generated. Use these statistics in marketing your future events.

Measure the level of engagement
Gain access to the number of contact exchanges between participants, and the exact amount of digital promotional and sales material collected at your event.

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