Facilitate integration of freshmen to boost retention.

The percent of first year college dropouts in the United States is alarmingly high. It is estimated that 75% of students will leave within their first two years. Student's relationship to the campus community plays an important part in the decision of continuing their studies, a factor frequently overlooked.

Create a social network environment at your university or campus, and boost student retention using Poken's touch-marketing platform to:

Help freshmen connect with staff, classmates and senior students
Facilitate introductions and interaction between old and new students by gifting them with a poken.

Engage students distributing rich media
Distribute multimedia files offline, and create a customized online interface where students can view and share the information they collected.

Implement the latest social media technology
Surprise tech savvy students introducing a cutting-edge social media platform, and engage them online and offline.

Gain insight into students' interests
Build a rich database about students' interests, and track them across enrollment and orientation process.

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