pokenHUB: start building your social library.

Build a social timeline with the things that interest you.

The pokenHUB is a website that aggregates and organizes all the people, places and things you collected with your Poken. They are classified by date and displayed at a social timeline that shows you the exact day and time you pokened someone, when you went to a certain place or first got in touch with something new.


One place to interact with all your contacts.

We are all part of different online social networks. Some people only use Facebook, others also use LinkedIn, but there are those who only have an email account. The pokenHUB is where you can organize all your contacts and keep up-to-date information of all these people who uses all these different platforms to communicate.

The pokenHUB brings together your real social connections and the online social networks you are part of. It's where you can upload and manage your contacts, create your digital business card and decide the contact information you want to share. With one single click, you can connect with the people you met on any social networks you are both part of, so you can keep the conversations you started in real life going.

A library of the places and things you like in the real world.

You are used to the idea of having in your computer folders and bookmarks of things you find interesting online. This is a great way to keep organized all information you find useful or that you simply liked.

You can think of the pokenHUB as a folder to keep the useful and cool things you find in the real world organized. It's where you are going to explore the information about the places and things you collected with your Poken.

If you participate in a pokenEVENT, for example, you can collect all the brochures that interest you and have them all neatly classified in your account along with the social business cards of the people you met and everything else you collect at the event. It's an easy way to refer back to your experience.

The pokenHUB is an online library where you can keep track of all the things you like in the real world.

Useful widgets

Some useful widgets of the pokenHUB include:

  • A map that shows the location of all your contacts
  • A shortcut to update your Twitter status
  • A timeline displaying an icon of everything you collected
  • An easy to scan contact list
  • An object library that shows all the places and things you collected


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  • Personalized dashboard
  • Dynamic timeline shows all the people and digital objects collected
  • Full contact details of each social business card
  • Everything you have collected neatly classified
  • Activity feed shows contacts updates in real-time
  • Widgets: Twitter, Map, Contacts Activity, Contact List, Library


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