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about limited editions

as much as we love our core collection of sparks, we thought it’d be a good idea to let others in on the fun. pandas, tigers, and aliens, not your thing? how about miki, slater, or mr. bot?

no idea who these new guys are? check out the pokenSPARK limited editions, to the right.

we’ve even gone and spiced up the new pokenPULSE in urbanpop by gabygaby

keep an eye out for these guys here on the site and in the press. we like to team up with artists, get some local cultural flavor into the mix from our regional poken partners, and hold design contests to check out what's on your minds. these limited runs will occur from time to time, whether it be whole poken, spark bodies, pulse linings or something we haven't launched yet.

in the meantime, however, don't overlook your everyday collection or designs - you never know when they'll be taking off to the caribbean or the south pacific or some undisclosed exotic location for some downtime. they have their own secrets, you know.


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pokenez comme bon vous semble

Pokenez avec vos amis, votre famille et vos collaborateurs. Mettez simplement les mains blanches poken en contact : vos cartes de visite sociales sont immédiatement échangées… Et oui, bien sûr, vous pouvez pokener avec un Spark ou un Pulse ; ils utilisent la même formule magique.