AbbVie Case Study: Creating Engagement and Lead Generation for Tradeshow Exhibitors


Naomi Amoah

Among the bright lights and high footfall of the tradeshow floor, it’s always a challenge for the exhibitor to stand out from their competitors; offering value and driving richer engagement with their products and brand. This is the exact challenge that AbbVie faced at the 14th annual European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV). From the 28th September – 2nd October Vienna saw EADV attract over 8,000 delegates, and 165 exhibitors.

In cooperation with AbbVie, Poken worked to provide an interactive booth experience which bridged the gap between the physical and digital event space. The aim was not only to drive engagement on-site but to extend the life of the event, by providing engagement when the visitor got home.

As attendees arrived at the AbbVie booth, their journey began when they were issued an interactive USB device. This was their key to unlocking the AbbVie experience. For the visitor, the approach was seamless, all they needed to do in order to receive a poken was to have their business card scanned by one of the booth’s hostesses.
The visitor was then directed around the booth, moving through three main areas of focus, all centered around one product: Humira.


In order to curate the way attendees interacted with the information presented, Poken stationed seven real-time Touchpoints around the booth. This allowed the visitor to gather the materials by simply touching their poken to a Touchpoint, watching it glow as they collected the collateral.

Attendees instantly received digital information in the form of:

  1. A video explaining the action of Humira as a TNF-alpha inhibitor
  2. A run through of AbbVie products and product characteristics in PDF
  3. A detailed instruction on prescribing Humira

Poken had an alluring effect on attendees. Individuals walking by the booth were attracted to the visuals and the green glow, from the poken meeting the Touchpoint. With no learning curve to the digital experience, the AbbVie experience was open to all.

Once booth attendees returned home, they simply plugged their poken interactive USB stick into the USB port of their computer, and were directed to their personalized AbbVie dashboard. Here they could view and download the documents and videos they collected. In addition, as per AbbVie’s specifications, they could directly access the AbbVie website, Facebook, and twitter.
This interaction went well beyond the one-dimensional aspect of giving away swag to draw attendees to the booth. From the user perspective they received a detailed, interesting and cooperative breakdown of what was being presented, as well as an experience that not only memorable but one that allowed for information to be better digested. From the perspective of the exhibitor, AbbVie was able to see how many attendees came to their booth, who they were, what times of the day were most popular, how much information was collected, and which information was most popular.

Additional benefits AbbVie experience were:

  • Detailed and qualified lead generation
  • Insights into attendee interests
  • Reduced costs for printing and handling of hard copy materials
  • A greener booth

The experience fulfilled AbbVie’s desire for their materials to be presented in a non-cumbersome and attractive way. The visitor was provided with a richer booth experience compared to that of other exhibitors. Furthermore, the results provided much-needed metrics that will allow AbbVie to measure and compare their marketing activities across multiple events, and channels.


Head to the Poken Learning Center to download the Whitepaper Driving Engagement Through Gamification. Or click here to get started on making your event a success. 



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