Sports & Youth Events

For events and conferences aimed at young people, there is an ever-increasing need to engage attendees directly, on their terms, from the word “Go”!

Poken’s award-winning “touch” technology is your event’s ignition for richer, highly interactive and more meaningful engagement.  Just touch to check-in and join the fun!

Poken Drives 7M+ Interactions at Boy Scouts 'Order of the Arrow' Conference

“If you’re trying to keep 14- to 15-year-old kids engaged, it’s a 140-character world of instant gratification. From a leadership perspective, you must meet your demographic where it lives, and, for us, that meant relying on technology.”

-Mike Hoffman,
Boy Scouts National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) Chairman

How it Works

Poken’s interactive USB devices work from the start, with no learning curve or external connections. Attendees intuitively understand the instant feedback they receive from Poken’s signature green glow and quickly start using the devices to meet and share details with the people around them.

Poken can dramatically enhance young participant’s ability to learn and enrich themselves at events. Participants are encouraged to download relevant materials, check into interesting events, engage with media walls and more via Poken Touchpoints.

Event organizers can also apply gamification to drive desired learning behaviors or reward attendees for participating in activities.  Thus connecting event goals directly with a powerful reward system, which will drive attendees to learn, be active, make friends, and have a lot fun doing it.

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“Gamification is ultimately not about buzzwords and mechanics, but better and more meaningful experiences.”

– Esteban Contreras,
Social Media Manager, Samsung USA

Increase Social Networking

Drive direct person-to-person engagement between event attendees.  Quickly break through cultural and language barriers. Fun and easy to use.  Just “touch” to connect!


Reward Behaviors via Gamification

Create highly interactive games that drive learning objectives.  Collect points for check-ins, networking, and more.  View status on HD displays, or rich mobile apps.


Stimulate Learning and Exploration

Provide rich learning experiences by sharing digital docs via Poken “touchpoints”.  Attendees check-in to activities, collect items of interest, and view rich content online.


Track Your Efforts in Real-Time

Measure and analyze your event in real-time via Poken’s “event manager” tools.  Track attendance, monitor game status and plan your next event with rich data and analytics.


Benefits for Event Organizers

This virtuous cycle of networking, collection and gamification has major benefits for event organizers. Not only do they create better experiences for participants, but they walk away with a treasure trove of information that they can use to plan better events in the future and forge stronger connections with their members.  Poken’s 360° event platform captures every interaction and creates powerful reports viewable in real-time.

Poken is the fuel for a hyper-engaged audience, before, during and after the event. 

Our 360° engagement platform can not only enhance the attendee experience while the conference is underway, but also after everyone has left.

Poken’s social media integration, via rich mobile and web applications, increase the long tail of your events for weeks and months afterwards, and will make attendees beg their parents to return next time, so they can pick up where they left off.


Young members love using Poken’s fun touch devices to:

  • Create their own personal stories at events —walking away with a digital scrapbook to be fondly remembered long after an event ends
  • Instantly plug new friends into their digital worlds without using their personal smart devices and detracting from the atmosphere
  • Bond quickly with other attendees — who they may be meeting for the first time while far from home
  • Get more of the exhibits and activities they love the most
  • Stay connected with their organization and the friends for years to come

Event planners from organizations of all types use Poken’s platform to:

  • Enhance attendee engagement with exhibits and their peers — no more attendees buried in their smartphones
  • Drive desired audience behaviors with gamification and interactive touchpoints
  • Get instant feedback about an event while it’s happening
    • making changes and reallocating staff or resources when necessary
  • Gain new, data-rich insights about each event and its attendees to make future events even more transformative
  • Create new revenue or sponsorship opportunities


Your event is unique. So is our solution.

Poken’s 360° event platform contains everything you need to drive engagement, streamline management, and make your event a success. Make your event a success today.