Event Manager

Poken’s Event Management Cloud allows you to manage all your events, view statistics, keep track of achievements, store and analyze your leads and learn from your visitor’s behavior.

A Full-Featured Event Management Platform

Poken Event Manager allows you to control and customize every aspect of your event.  Everything from registration to badge-printing, social media, mobile app, exhibitor access, sponsor’s visibility, gaming, and much more.

Event organizers, managers and exhibitors can obtain tiered access to manage all aspects of their event.  All your past, live and events-in-planning are visible at a glance, so you can see where you stand and measure your team’s improvement.


  • Manage attendees and registration processes
  • Print badges
  • Configure surveys
  • Manage exhibitors
  • Configure agendas
  • Manage email campaigns to drive engagement
  • View on demand reports
  • Manage Game modules
  • Edit custom visitor web portal-including custom branding, social media, and much more
Metrics and ROI3

How Does It Fit Within Your Event Process?

We understand that people can have there preferred suppliers. Clients have the option of using established registration providers, then importing their registration lists into Poken, where our digital event tool-chest takes over to boost all aspects of the event.

In addition, while Poken has a complete registration solution, we can also play well with others.  We have tight integrations with most of the major registration and mobile providers, and provide an API for everyone else.


Your event is unique. So is our solution.

Poken’s 360° event platform contains everything you need to drive engagement, streamline management, and make your event a success. Make your event a success today.