Corporate Events

A seamless ecosystem of tools and technology, Poken enables live and corporate event organizers to create interactive and exciting events. Through a digital platform and NFC products, Poken brings together the digital and physical event spaces to drive engagement for attendees, create stronger associations and connections with brands and gain better insight through real behavioral data.

How it works: A complete event solution

Each attendee is issued with a ‘smart device’. This is there key to the event, and allows them to share contact details, and collect content via touch. When two smart devices touch, they glow green, adding an element of excitement to the live event. Post event, each attendee can log into the visitor portal- a custom profile that shows exactly who they have met, and what they have collected.


Richer engagement with your brand

Poken enables you to tell your story interactively. No longer are attendees playing a ‘passive’ role, but are physically engaging with your brand, your event and your narrative.


Share content, track interactions and collect data for exhibitors and sponsors

Each stand, session or meeting  can be equipped with a real-time touchpoint (RTT). When an attendee touches the touchpoint, they collect digital information, as well as leave there  details, or ‘digital business cards’. This enables richer  insight based upon actual intent and a two -way digital exchange.


Drive engagement through gamification

Incentivize the behaviour of attendees by adding a game element to the event. Organizers can create objectives for attendees such as networking with the most people, visiting sponsor booths, attending sessions or collecting corporate collateral. The smart device and touchpoints then become key to the experience, as attendees interact with the event space.


Richer insight into attendee behaviour

Through the data recorded with Poken’s platform of devices and features, corporate and live event organizers not only gain insight into which areas and features of the event are resonating with the audience, but what products and brand messages are finding the hearts and minds of consumers.

Poken was our biggest event tech win for 2016. It’s an innovative platform of tech tools for event professionals to use to organise and manage their events and create unique, engaging experiences. It allowed our attendees to check-in, network and collect information all in a fun, gamification-style format that our attendees loved. It truly is a complete event engagement experience.

— Marin Bright, CEO & Editorial Director, Smart Meetings

 Your event is unique. So is our solution.

Poken’s 360° event platform contains everything you need to drive engagement, streamline management, and make your event a success. Make your event a sucess today.