Learn the latest in industry trends and movements from our team of professionals. The Poken webinar series allows you to develop your skills in a convenient and effective way, so you can take your events to the next level.


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Webinars on Demand

The Changing Face of Mobile Event Apps. With Poken CEO Stephane Doutriaux and QuickMobile’s Managing Director Scott Lockey

  • A complimentary digital engagement solution
  • Feature overview
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Engagement begins long before people arrive at your event

  • Why the run-up is so important
  • Methods of engagement
  • Educating people’s objectives
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Technology innovation in the event space

  • Why innovation is key
  • Pushing the envelope in the right direction
  • The role of exhibitors and attendees
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A complete management solution

  • Registration, ticketing and pre-event engagement
  • Exhibitor tools
  • Advanced features (matchmaking,meeting schedueling, check-ins, gamification)
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Igniting conversations and boosting networking

  • Event objectives and setting a context
  • Driving the behavior you want from participants
  • Creating an envirnoment that nurtures conversations
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The untold benefits of going green 

  • Collecting information digitally
  • It’s all about data
  • The costs you haven’t thought about
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The serious business of gamification

  • It’s all about engagement
  • The 5 rules of gamification
  • What to avoid
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White Papers

The Smart Event: A New Value Proposition For Tradeshows

  • A new form of engagement and visitor interaction is making its way into exhibitions, delivering heightened levels of lead qualification for exhibitors, more relevant content for visitors, and trackable metrics to organizers. Welcome to the era of- The Smart Event.
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Innovation in the Event Space- Driving Engagement Through Gamification

  • Insights into achieving event objectives and driving behavior through strategic gamification.
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Igniting conversations and boosting networking- It’s not just about the food

  • A technical white paper on improving networking at events
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The untold benefits of greening your events

  • A technical white paper on how to create a green event
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Growing Sponsorship Revenue

  • Discover how Poken’s digital engagement tools generate real sponsorship revenue, by placing brands at the core of the event experience.
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Exhibition “Digital Show Bag” Lead Generation 

  • Poken is the leading provider of solutions for mass-traffic environments allowing visitors equipped with a paper badge (turned into a “Smart Badge” by applying an NFC sticker) to collect digital content “with a touch”.
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