The 360° Event Platform

Built For Engagement

Poken is a cloud-based event management platform, that creates richer engagement. A seamless ecosystem of tools and technology for event professionals, Poken enables organizers and exhibitors to create interactive and exciting events, while providing a one stop system for managing each stage in the planning and delivery process. Equipped with our digital platform, mobile apps and NFC+ products, Poken brings together the digital and physical event spaces to drive engagement, centralize management and gain better insight through real data.


Originally known for the patented interactive USB stick, Poken has developed an-end to-end solution, and delivered over 2500 events of varying sizes and objectives. From 200 person corporate events, to 6000 person conferences, to trade-shows with over 55000 people, organizers from around the world have benefited from Poken’s 360° event platform.

 Your event is unique. So is our solution.

Poken’s 360° event platform contains everything you need to drive engagement, streamline management, and make your event a success. Make your event a success today.