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Built for engagement

Poken enables organizers and exhibitors to create interactive and exciting events, while providing a one stop system for managing each stage in the planning and delivery process. Equipped with our digital platform, mobile apps and NFC+ products, Poken brings together the digital and physical event spaces to drive engagement, centralize management and gain better insight through real data.

Driving engagement and measuring interactions at ibtm arabia 2017

At ibtm arabia 2017, Poken employed a system of digital and physical products and services, that allowed people to engage with each other and activities, track meetings in real time, capture leads for exhibitors, all the while providing rich data to organizers. Never has a multi- tiered system been employed to benefit all exhibition stakeholders.

Registration, business match-making and meeting tracking at Connecta

In September of 2015, hundreds of business professionals came together to do business, convened as part of the CONNECTA event, by the Convention Bureau of Catalunya, Spain. The objective: Make business transactions happen.

Match-making and real time attendance tracking at National Veterans Affairs Small Business Engagement

Check out how, everything from one-on-one meetings to supplier presentations and conferences, as well as plenary sessions can all be managed in real time, so participants can be more effective with their time and lead management processes.

Driving fun and engagement through gamification- Poken at NOAC 2015

The National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) was the 100-year anniversary event with over 15,000 Scouts in attendance. The objective of the campaign produced by Poken was to gamify the event, to increase social interactions, increase participation in all learning activities, and create an overall friendly competition between individuals and between lodges

Networking, lead generation and media walls at Indaba- Africa’s top travel event

12,000 attendees gathered for Africas largest travel trade show- INDABA. Poken was on site to provide networking and interactive media walls for attendees, and a rich lead capture system for exhibitors. South Africa Tourism utilized Poken’s event manager platform to make organization more effective, while learning about participant behaviour through metrics reporting.

Touch and Collect- Content sharing with Artexis Easy Fairs

Poken works with international trade show leader Artexis Easy Fairs in 100+ fairs per year, to equip all visitors and exhibitors with a suit of digital tools. Attendees can collect digital content in real time via smart badges.

Distribute and Collect – Lead Generation with Artexis Easy Fairs

Poken works with international trade show leader Artexis Easy Fairs in 100+ fairs per year, to equip all exhibitors and visitors with a suit of digital tools. Exhibitors not only share their company information via the Poken badge reader, but also collect the details of everyone who stops by their booths.

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