Networking Devices

Watch interactions change as event and conference visitors use their pokens to spark fresh conversations. Without relying on the usual conventions attached to meeting new people, pokens offer an opportunity to create new leads and business relationships in a fun and engaging way.

How we provide this solution:  Poken interactive USB device

A poken enables you collect digital business cards and digital documents, with a simple touch. Just touch one poken to another person’s and they glow: You’ve exchanged business cards. Touch a poken to a touchpoint, and you collect digital material. Pokens can have different designs to add a touch of fun to your event, or can be customized to give you or your sponsors’ further exposure.




  • An ice breaker like no other that nurtures a new type of interaction and experience
  • A leading edge networking tool
  • Provides precise lead generation for exhibitors
  • An opportunity for additional branding and visibility for sponsors

Custom Caps: Because every event is unique

Create a positive event atmosphere that further encourages networking and fun by customizing your pokens’ cap, and watch as visitors become engaged straight away. Choose from a range of fun caps like the Ninja, Gorilla or Bee, or let us design something that speaks directly to your event.


Billboard Logo Caps


Billboard Design Caps


Character Caps


Case Study:  National Veterans Small Business Conference

The U.S department of Veteran Affairs use the Real-time Touchpoint to manage hundreds of meetings that are simultaneously taking place at the National Veterans Small Business Engagement Event. Attendees check into each meeting and confirm the correct time and meeting location. Organizers can then follow up on any no shows or late comers and reorganize openings to maximize the benefit of the event for attendees


See Everything You Collect Online

Everything you collect will be saved in a custom event web portal, specifically tailored to your event.  The offline/online relationship creates a positive event atmosphere that further encourages networking and fun.  Watch as visitors become engaged straight away then maintain relationship online after the event.