Gamifying your event: Is Pokemon Go the right solution?

Pokemon go_StephaneThe next big thing in driving event engagement, or a fad that ultimately detracts from the experience? Poken CEO and founder Stephane Doutriaux was recently invited to share his insights and thoughts on the latest craze to take the world by storm, and what it may mean to the events industry. Here are just some of the ideas he shared.


The RIGHT game for your event

A number of factors are to be considered before integrating gamification into an event. For example, if the objective is to enhance networking, organizers should review how the game drives the right kind of behaviour. Does the game gently push participants towards content and people that are in line with their business objectives, so they gain value?

Before deciding on the type of engagement that is right for their event, organizers must define clear boundaries for their game in terms of visitor behaviour and scope.


It’s not all about you

Pokémon Go incites a very individualistic experience, which from an events point of view simply doesn’t work. We all attend events with the aim of building our network and interacting with others in our field. If you place a digital barrier between the participants (i.e. a mobile phone screen), you are taking away the main reason people attend group events – creating natural bonds.


afflink 2Incentivizing behaviour

Incentivising activities to help attendees achieve their goals will not only encourage them to discover other delegates, exhibitors, and documents that are relevant to them, but it also means they will come away from the event having gained high quality contacts and valuable knowledge.



Go or no?

Beyond being an intriguing social phenomenon, I’ll venture to say that for most, if not all events, Pokémon Go is not the answer to driving up the value for attendees and exhibitors.


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